Research Paper – Asian Studies

A paper I wrote as part of my Asian Studies class called contemporary gender politics in South Asia. Partition of sub-continent India, in what is now known as South Asia, is an important historical event that shaped the course of the relationship between 3 countries and impacted the lives of many people. Thus, my research paper links the historical event to the suffering of the women during the event and how it has shaped contemporary gender politics in modern South Asia.

Research Paper – Art History

A term paper I wrote for my art history class. We were instructed to choose one of the weekly theme topics and write a research paper on it using time/location either from the syllabus or choose our own. I did my paper on the era of Mughal Dynasty in the Indian sub-continent.

Analysis on Film Methods

A review written for my film studies course based around the classic film of Charlie Chaplin "City Lights".

Bronte and Film – Literature Review

A review done on the classic novel 'Jane Eyre' by Charlotte Bronte. The review is to discuss the differences that arise from changing a novel into film where directors make specific changes in the plot to suit either their audience or film standards of those times.

Research Paper – The Sanctuary Movement

The research paper is evaluating media coverage done pre-elections and afterwards on the topic of sanctuary cities. Media coverage has an important influence in our lives in informing of issues and shaping our opinions on such issues. I discussed the history of this movement and went on to evaluate on the problems that could be found in the press coverage during Trump's campaign, after elections and after Trump passed his executive order.