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Research Paper – Art History

A term paper I wrote for my art history class. We were instructed to choose one of the weekly theme topics and write a research paper on it using time/location either from the syllabus or choose our own. I did my paper on the era of Mughal Dynasty in the Indian sub-continent.

Concept Project

A short conceptual project that was assignment for my course VISA 110. For this the idea was of to show something that is of a routine or a compilation of sorts and bring out the meaning from it.

Fake Love – Poem

A poem written as an inspiration from the songs ‘Fake Love’ and ‘Outro: Tear’ from the band BTS that is all about loving yourself before loving someone else otherwise it will all end in disaster.


I have had a growing interest in photography for a long time, however, my circumstances don't allow me to buy or rent a professional lens camera. I have started taking pictures mostly with any phone camera I have available and for me they are much more special and meaningful. The pictures are mostly simple and some are taken at angles which are unusual because for me aesthetics are not everything. There is another kind of beauty hidden in pictures, places, people that I want people to search for


I have lately picked up drawing specifically as a side hobby during the summers. I hope to continue it and slowly get better at it and build my skills and techniques. Here are a few pictures of miscellaneous sketches mostly made with references.