Research Paper – Asian Studies

A paper I wrote as part of my Asian Studies class called contemporary gender politics in South Asia. Partition of sub-continent India, in what is now known as South Asia, is an important historical event that shaped the course of the relationship between 3 countries and impacted the lives of many people. Thus, my research paper links the historical event to the suffering of the women during the event and how it has shaped contemporary gender politics in modern South Asia.


Partition, in all its momentous history full of experiences of violence, mass migration, and segregation of one colonial state into two, remains a very solemn part of national, political, religious, cultural, and economic history. This article focuses on the relationship between gendered sexual violence, honor, and women’s position in a patriarchal society. Divided into three sections, it describes in detail the violence perpetrated against women during partition, discusses the subject of honor in relation to a women's sexuality, and links both former sections to discuss it's impact on contemporary gender politics.

Gender and Partition (Research Paper - Asia 333)

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