Research Paper – The Sanctuary Movement

The research paper is evaluating media coverage done pre-elections and afterwards on the topic of sanctuary cities. Media coverage has an important influence in our lives in informing of issues and shaping our opinions on such issues. I discussed the history of this movement and went on to evaluate on the problems that could be found in the press coverage during Trump's campaign, after elections and after Trump passed his executive order.

Final Research Paper - JRN100

Sanctuary policies has become an important political issue in America ever since Trump ran for presidency. The country is in a state of perpetual turmoil with many against the idea of anti-immigration policies and many others in support of it. For this paper I did extensive research into the history of the sanctuary movement and the issues that have been there ever since it started relating to undocumented immigrants. Setting up an historical foundation to lay on it is easier to understand the movement as a whole and the news President's administration motives. It also provides a base from where the main points in press coverage arises from.

For the media coverage done, I searched up reports on content analysis of countless articles published in newspapers on this particular movement. With data and references from different blog posts I highlighted the problems that are consuming the mainstream media nowadays - specifically in the case of covering anything related to Trump.

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