Bronte and Film

A review done on the classic novel 'Jane Eyre' by Charlotte Bronte. The review is to discuss the differences that arise from changing a novel into film where directors make specific changes in the plot to suit either their audience or film standards of those times.

Literature Review - ASTU.docx

The review is based on the whole concept of 'remediation'. Remediation could be described as when content in old media formats are changed to be presented in a new media format. For example, here a famous classic novel has been changed into films and TV series many times. The literature review highlights the differences in characters and storyline which are changed to director's own needs of presenting a new concept by way of critique or changing it to fit societal expectations of cinematic representation in the era which the movie is produced in.

I chose the text of 'Jane Eyre' primarily because it is a highly popular classic literature novel which has been read by many. And to show how it has been changed into films by highlighting what differences or similarities are left between the novel and film versions themselves.

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