A Glimpse of Real-life Hell

If you have never been on the 99-B line in rush hour, then you are thoroughly blessed. This is just me expressing my frustration when I had to travel back and forth from the university on this same bus every day.


Sometimes it shocks me to my core how much hatred one can have towards oneself, and many times it is hard to put into words exactly how much. So here is me trying to do so.


This one came from a deepened sense of loss of a first kiss. I've never had mine but listening and reading other women's accounts made me feel that it was a loss I bore of my own.


A poem written as an inspiration from the songs ‘Fake Love’ and ‘Outro: Tear’ from the band BTS that is all about loving yourself before loving someone else otherwise it will all end in disaster.


The title explains it all. The poem's words are complicated and too ambiguous, which makes it hard to understand it without the context. The confusion and ambiguity placed are deliberate to depict what a person who has severe anxiety goes through. Written from a personal place, this one tackles the intensity of being socially anxious.


It was initially written in the format of an open letter to my 'Mind.' Using the same words, I structured it into the form of a poem for my creative writing assignment. The poem is about suffering through severe depression and having suicidal thoughts and written from personal experience.


A poem written on selective mutism. 'Selective mutism' is a condition where one is incapable of speech in specific situations or of speaking to specific people due to high anxiety levels.