Concept Project

A short conceptual project that was assignment for my course VISA 110. For this the idea was of to show something that is of a routine or a compilation of sorts and bring out the meaning from it.

Title: “Lifestyle of the poor and broke (student edition)”
Pixel Dimensions: 2520 (width) to 3240 (height)
Resolution: 72 Pixels/inch

At first I was making a documentation of every time I go to a coffee shop. However, I scrapped that idea since I couldn’t find any solid narrative in it. I stumbled across my drawer full of receipts one day and I realized how much I had actually spent in the past few months ever since I came here. The idea was to comment on the expensive lifestyle of an international student living on his/her own. I had collected these receipts when I first came here just to keep a record of all my expenses but I quickly realized that this resulted in an unintentional collection of various receipts that I never looked back on again. I used my phone for taking pictures and the images are completely unedited in the overall documentation. While, it may seem very unpleasing at first glance with the different backgrounds I tried going for the abstract pop art look. I was not aiming for any kind of consistency except in the size of each image and the overall compilation of it. I put the pictures in a form of a pattern which isn’t really clear at first. The title is a play on the TV show ‘Lifestyle of the rich and famous’ and creates a form of juxtaposition by portraying the lifestyle of broke student on a tight budget.

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